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Mountain Gate - Sanmonji

...a Buddhist monastic-practice community in the mountains of northern New Mexico

Our practice is about coming—for the benefit of all beings—to the deepest possible Awakening, and manifesting it in every aspect of our lives.

We call this “360-Degree Practice.”

In order to do this we have a vigorous, intensive schedule of zazen [Zen meditation], with daily sanzen [private meetings with our teacher, Mitra Bishop-roshi during whch practice guidance is given], koan practice, and frequent osesshin and kosesshin.

Beginning Zen practice in 1974, Mitra-roshi trained intensively for 19 years with Ven. Philip Kapleau-roshi in the Rinzai-Soto form of Zen, and was sanctioned to teach by him. Following her work with Roshi Kapleau she continued her Zen training under the Rinzai master, Ven. Harada Shodo-roshi, at Sogen-ji in Okayama, Japan, and, since returning from Japan in 1996, continues to deepen her own practice with periodic osesshin at Tahoma One Drop Monastery on Whidbey Island WA, as well as extended periods of training at Sogen-ji. She founded Mountain Gate - Sanmonji in 1996.